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Our Futures Trading Strategies

Momentum Trading Strategy: Using short term analysis the system can identify overbought and oversold conditions in the futures market. This futures trading strategy focuses on capturing price action as the market has short term dips and spikes in price.

Swing Trading Strategy: Through cycle analysis the system identifies the most active cycle in the market and looks to profit from 6-12 day swings in price.

Trend Trading Strategy: It is critical to always trade with the longer term trend and what makes trend trading so powerful, is the fact that the winning trades can be huge. And AlgoTrades makes sure it’s participating with the underlying trend.

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Benefits Future Trading Strategies

Added Benefits With Futures Trading Strategies

AlgoTrades adds value by maximizing return efficiency. We believe that when you capital is investing in the market it is at risk. Unfortunately most individuals always have their money in the market and is more susceptible to news, events and market corrections.

Through years of research we have concluded that the market only provides tradable price action roughly 40% of the time. And because of that, our future trading strategies keep your hard earned money in a cash position the majority of the time.

If you can earn $25,000 a year investing in futures with your money invested in the market for 100 days, versus a strategy that earns the same amount but has money at risk in the market for 200 days, then the futures trading strategies are more efficient. AlgoTrades is highly efficient futures system with a focus being in cash as much as possible – Cash Is King!

Understanding Our Futures Trading Strategies & System

Our future trading strategies are not market neutral, meaning we do not hedge our positions. Our goal is to profit from the monthly stock market fluctuations with directional based trades.

We enter long positions (buy) during an uptrend, and we short sell (sell/profit from falling prices) when the trend is down. However, we understand the risk and position management very well which allows the futures trading strategies to trade while controlling risk.

Learn more about the AlgoTrades methodology with Chris Vermeulen’s book “Technical Trading Mastery”.

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